About Me

I have integrated the competencies and disciplines of the relative Certifications and Diplomas as stated on 'Home Page'with 40 years experience of Counselling, Mentoring and continuing in-depth research particularly in psychology and philosophy to produce an innovative, unique approach to Coaching. This is called 'I-Coaching' It means I take a holistic approach to your uniqueness. Your thoughts, feelings and experiences are taken into account.


In order to improve my own personal development, I attend Elite Coaching Courses, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops, consistently. My avid interest in research empowers me to seek appropriate information and ‘Tools’. I’m sharing this knowledge with you.


If, by raising the level and quality of my Coaching performance, I’m able to help make a difference to you then I know that I am in the process of achieving my own purpose and mission with fulfilment.