A Relationship, Personal Development and Performance Coach.


" I’m driven by curiosity about your needs, focused on your messages, dedicated to assisting you achieve fulfilment with sensitivity, empathy and flexibility
but with integrity”

“I’m inspired by Egyptian Kings’ legacy of renowned leadership. I aspire to use my leadership style and quality to leave a legacy of meaningful experiences.”

Greetings and Welcome


As a ’Relationship’, ’Personal Development’ and ’Personal Performance’ Coach, I’m wondering, what if, when challenges arise, you can feel supremely confident that you are competent and ready to...deal with situations, environments and relationships calmly, assertively, efficiently but assuredly!


The aim of this website is to provide you with information about a Service that guides you towards resolving personal issues. Some examples are relief from distress, reduction in intensity of negative emotions, recovery from phobias, have closure with negative ‘Life Experiences’, achieve specific goal set within reasonable timeframe, build confidence to new levels, become more assertive, improve your relationships, personal development and performances.


The objective is not only to point towards ... the power of your uniqueness... but also to make you aware of ... your infinite capabilities. You can choose to seize the opportunity to develop your individual ‘Win-Win’scenarios, with confidence!


With my expertise and guidance, you can start dissolving limiting beliefs. I take a holistic approach to coaching. It means in context that I am considerate of your feelings, thoughts and experiences. It is probable that my unique Coaching Service and Style, with added value, might just be the level of compatibility you need to positively enhance your relationships, improve your personal development and bring quality to your performances!


Together, you and I can form strategies to enable you to access your ‘Mental Multi-Map’, ‘Mental GPS’ and other relevant ‘Tools’ on ... your unique journey in order for you to sense what it might feel like when... finding the treasure in you, perhaps!



I am a:

  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Chikara-Reiki-Do Master
  • (Integrates Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master)
  • Diploma in Advanced Hypnosis
  • ‘Voice of Influence’ Projection Practitioner
  • EFT Practitioner
  • PSTEC Practitioner
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Possible Outcomes

 New Visions
  • Clarity!
  • Closure!
  • Improved awareness!
 New learning strategies
  • Opportunity to learn from our negative experiences!
  • Being aware of and viewing from different perspectives!
  • Self-management in 'conflict resolution'
 Powerful changes
  • Positive change in state!
  • Get rid of negative 'Life'experiences, permanently!
  • Reduction in intensity or sensitivity of negative
    'emotional' feelings!
  • Feeling less ‘stressed’!
  • Finding the treasure in you!
  • Identity!
  • The value of discipline and structure!
  • Capability
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