I’m happy to share some of my philosophies with you.

“I have no control nor am I responsible for what others may think, say or do but I have full control and am responsible for what I think, say and do”.
(Lyndon Walters)

“I am not nor do I own my emotions or behaviours but I can choose how to feel about them”. (Lyndon Walters)

“Before ‘Now’ is the past. After ‘Now’ is the future. ‘Now’ is being here in this moment”. (Lyndon Walters)

A singular thought is energy but what if ‘Potential’ lays dormant but needs a singular thought in order to become active? You can see now how a singular thought can influence the development of your potential, particularly when the thought is ‘Positive’ . . . YES!” (Lyndon Walters)

"Happiness is but a mindset. When can I choose to have this mindset... Now!!!" (Lyndon Walters)